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David Tomlinson’s Guide to Paints & Brushes

In this guest article by David Tomlinson, he explains why when it comes to paint that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better and that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean value, and also looks at different brushes, explaining some of the terms used with references to brushes. This will be of particular help to anyone who may wish to avoid using brushes with animal hair, including many vegans.… Read More

I’d Love To Paint My Miniatures, But I’m Just Not Artistic

Beautifully painted miniatures. We’ve all seen them somewhere, be it at a friend’s house, a gaming club, online, or perhaps at a games store such as a Games Workshop. Most of us would love to have our own games painted like that, but we just don’t have the skill. Or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

That’s what I did for years, and many of my friends felt the same way. And as a result of that lack of confidence we never picked up a brush. I was positive that any attempt I made would leave my game pieces ruined. Is that how you feel? If so, please keep reading.… Read More

A New Series Starting August the 8th

So whats the new series going to be? A new series of articles? Oh it’s exciting. Is it a new podcast? No. Is it a video series? No, but there will be some videos. Will there be pictures? Most definitely! So maybe I’d better get to the point before you go elsewhere, forever cursing the name of Matt for wasting your time.

So here it is: it’s a new series of articles all about painting your miniatures, and the first article will be online on the morning of Tuesday the 8th of August! You see, I told you it was exciting. Wait, what do you mean that you could have guessed that from the new “Painting” section in the drop down menu under the HOME page link?

Oh ok. Sorry. My bad. Wubba lubba dub dub!… Read More