Oct-17 Music News #1 inc L A Guns & Dante Fox

In the news: Tom Petty, Emerson, Focus, One-Eyed Doll, Beth Hart, Jessica Wolff, Serenade, and reviews for upcoming releases by L.A. Guns and Dante Fox. You can also watch this on YouTube (links below)

Sept 17 #2 Music News: UK Tour info, Robin Beck & Phantom 5 album reviews

In the news: Heather and Matt present UK tour info and review upcoming album releases for Robin Beck (“Love Is Coming”) and Phantom 5 (“Play To Win”), a German melodic hard rock act featuring Bonfire singer Claus Lessmann on vocals. You can also watch this on YouTube or read a written review, links below.

3:48 Robin Beck “Love Is Coming” review
7:05 Phantom 5 “Play To Win” review

Written Reviews:
Phantom 5 “Play To Win”: http://www.paradiserock.co.uk/album-reviews/phantom-5-play-to-win-out-13th-october/
Robin Beck “Love Is Coming”: http://www.paradiserock.co.uk/album-reviews/robin-beck-love-is-coming-review-out-13th-october/

Sept 2017 #1: Epica, Yes, Madam X, Martina Edoff, Not Over Yet, Mavara

Heather and Matt discuss new tour info for Yes and Martina Edoff, album news from Madam X, Mavara and Not Over Yet, and the new 6 track EP from Epica, “The Solace System”.  You can also watch this episode on YouTube! Links available further down. We’ve also started a new series on YouTube, “The Quest Report Final Verdict”, a heavily edited version of The Quest Report in which we give our views on a game in 5 minutes or less! Check out the full description for links.

Interview with Martina Edoff, the Nordic Queen of Rock

Frequently hailed as the Nordic Queen Of Rock and with her 3rd album “We Will Align” set for release on September 22nd via AOR Heaven, Matt sat down and had a talk with Swedish singer Martina Edoff about her new album, the meaning behind the songs on We Will Align, touring, writing with Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), and much more! 

August 2017#3: Music news with reviews for Dirty Thrills and Hell In The Club

In the news: Jethro Tull, Stan Bush, Secret Rule, Autograph and Every Mother’s Nightmare, with reviews of upcoming releases by Hell In The Club and Dirty Thrills. You can also find this episode on YouTube (links at bottom).

Music News August 2017 #2 – Aug/Oct releases, Steelheart, Martina Edoff, Kee Of Hearts

We present a reminder of the notable releases for August, as well as announce some for October, and present reviews of Martina Edoff’s 4th album “We Will Align”, Kee Of Hearts self titled debut album, and Steelheart’s Through Worlds Of Stardust. You can also find this episode on YouTube (links below). 

August #1 2017 (a few days early!) – Album Reviews for Accept and Rage, RIP to Kenny Shields of Streethart and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

Heather and Matt talk about new albums from German metal legends Accept (The Rise Of Chaos) and Rage (Seasons Of The Black), as well the sad news of the death of Streethart’s Kenny Shields and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. You can also find this episode on YouTube. 

July 17 #2 Music News – Edguy, Blind Guardian, Quiet Riot, Empire, Kryptonite, Night Ranger, Tyketto

Heather and Matt discuss new albums coming out from Blind Guardian, Edguy, Quiet Riot, Kryptonite and Empire, with tour news from Night Ranger, Tyketto, and more!

July 2017 #1 Mr. Big, Saxon, DaVinci, Lionheart, Soul Enema, Warner Drive

Heather and Matt discuss new releases coming out from Mr. Big, Saxon, Warner Drive, Soul Enema, and the long awaited return of DaVinci and Lionheart. 

June 2017 # 2 – TEN “Gothica”, Mr. Big “Defying Gravity”, All 41 “World’s Best Hope”

Heather and Matt discuss the music news, including UK concert dates for FM, Vega, Graham Bonnet Band and Dirty Thrills, and talk about Gothica the 13th studio album from TEN, as well as new albums from Mr. Big and All 41.