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#20: Dinosaurs, Pirates, and 80’s and 90’s Kids Shows and Intros

Show Notes:
0:17 – Intro
2:27 – Dinosaurs In The Wild
7:28 – Season Announcement
8:44 – Quest Report: Tortuga 1667
19:16 – Quest Report: British Vs Pirates
32:31 – The Bards Corner Music News
39:29 – Tiny Meeples, Big Talk special: 80’s/90’s kids shows and intros
1:20 Tome Talk: The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter F. Hamilton (scifi)
1:38:33 – Podcast and YouTube shows we enjoy
1:41:48 – Until Next Time!
1:43:55 – Credits

In the last episode of Season 1 of The Meddlesome Meeples Show, we talk about Dinosaurs in the Wild, a couple of Naval themed games, British Vs Pirates (a miniatures combat game) and Tortuga 1667 (a hidden identity of loot and backstabbing), the science fiction novel The Abyss Beyond Stars by Peter F. Hamilton, the music news, other shows we enjoy, and in a Tiny Meeples, Big Talk Special we discuss kids tv shows from the 80’s and 90’s along with their intros and whether or not they have stood the test of time.

#19: Roll Player, Ascendancy, Guards! Guards!, Magneto VS Palpatine, Fighting Fantasy, special guest Kee Marcello

Guitarist Kee Marcello (Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Easy Action) joins us for a chat. We discuss the games Star Trek Ascendancy and Roll Player, the fantasy crime comedy “Guards! Guards!” by Terry Pratchett, discuss a conflict between Marvel’s Master Of Magnetism, Magneto, versus Darth Sidious, better know as Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire (Star Wars). We also take a look at the music news, including album reviews by Pretty Boy Floyd, chat about the Fighting Fantasy digital storybooks, and get an unexpected visit. The show is also available as a YouTube show, links below. 

#18: Dreamwars, Drawing Dead, Discovery, Leviathan Wakes, Star Trek Continues, Music News and an interview with Kelly Keagy

In episode 18 we discuss 2 recent Kickstarter games, the steampunk inspired Dreamwars by Royal Art Games and Drawing Dead by John Fiorillo, as well as present our thoughts on Star Trek Discovery (based on the first 6 episodes) and Star Trek Continues. We also discuss the novel Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey (basis for the TV show The Expanse), present the music news, and interview Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy.

#17: the Dilemma, the Elder Gods, the Underdark, the Eagle, the Fictional Rock & the Music News

In this episode Matt faces a moral (gaming) dilemma, the Meeples look at the Lovecraftian horror game with a twist Fate Of The Elder Gods and the area control/deckbuilding game Tyrants Of The Underdark. We discuss which fictional characters we can imagine releasing an album in which genre and why, the historical fiction novel Under The Eagle by Simon Scarrow, and music news including reviews of upcoming releases by L.A. Guns and Dante Fox.

Ep 16: Above And Below, Letters From Whitechapel, Worst Comic Book Characters To Work In An Office With, Homo Deus & Music News

In episode 16 of The Meddlesome Meeples Podcast we talk about Above and Below, a game of storytelling and village building, and Letters From Whitechapel, a 1 vs all game of deduction and secret movement in which the players are out to catch the infamous Jack The Ripper! We tackle another big question: which comic book characters would be the worst to work with in an office environment? Richard discusses our first non-fiction book, Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, while Matt and Heather present some UK tour info, and review upcoming albums by Robin Beck (“Love Is Coming”) and Phantom 5 (“Play To Win”).  This episode is also available to watch on YouTube (links below). 

#15: Bears VS Babies, Shadow of the Elder Gods, Han VS Mal, Dragonlance & Music News with Epica review

We look at 2 kickstarter games, one newly delivered and one older, Bears VS Babies (from the creators of Exploding Kittens) and Shadow Of The Elder Gods, respectively. Matt and Richard debate whether Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds is the better developed (and cooler) space cowboy character, Matt talks to Richard about Dragons Of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance Chronicles book 1), and Heather and Matt present the music news, featuring Epica, Yes, Martina Edoff, Madam X, Not Over Yet, and Mavara. Plus a superhero attorney drops by, and what exactly does Matt have in his wallet? Want to watch the weirdness taking place? You can watch this episode on YouTube! Links available further down. 

#14: Massive Darkness, Dark, Darker, Darkest, The Galactic Empire VS Imperium Of Man, Gateway by Pohl & Music News

In episode 14 of The Meddlesome Meeples Podcast we find ourselves in darkness! We look at the newly delivered kickstarter game Massive Darkness from Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) games as well as the zombie survival game Dark, Dark, Darkest. Richard talks about the classic scifi novel Gateway by Frederik Pohl, Matt and heather present the music news, and the Meeples discuss who would emerge as the victor in a conflict between The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) and The Imperium Of Man. You can also watch this episode on YouTube and see some pics on our Instagram page (links below). 

#13: Kanzume Goddess, A Study In Emerald, Most Practical Weapons for a Zombie Apocalypse, Music news, Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell

Greetings Quester and welcome to episode 13! We look at the deckbuilding game Kanzume Goddess, and A Study In Emerald, a game that combines history with Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulhu Mythos. We look at what the most practical weapons to help you survive a zombie apocalypse would be, and discuss the scifi horror novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, the inspiration for John Carpenter’s The Thing. We also take a look at the music news and review September releases from Steelheart, Martina Edoff and Kee Of Hearts. This episode is also available as an audio podcast from iTunes, Stitcher, and Blubrry, some links below.

EPISODE 12: Legendary Encounters Alien, Descent, Video Game Crossovers we want to see, Counter-Clock World, and Music News feat Rage and Accept

In episode 12 we talk about the cooperative (well for the most part!) deckbuilder Legendary Encounters: Alien from Upper Deck, based on the Alien film franchise, and the classic dungeon crawler Descent: Journeys In The Dark (second edition) from Fantasy Flight Games. We talk about the video game crossovers we want to see, involving putting characters from one game into another and why. Richard talks about the scifi novel Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick (best known for Blade Runner), while Matt and Heather discuss new albums from Accept and Rage, plus some sad obituaries, in the music news. 

EPISODE 11: Blood Of An Englishman, Robin, the most terrifying host for a Facehugger or Chestburster, The Shadow Over Innsmouth by Lovecraft, and Music News

What or whom would be the most terrifying host for an alien facehugger or chestburster? We discuss this, the card games Blood Of An Englishman and Robin, the scifi horror novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft, and new albums coming out from Blind Guardian, Edguy, Quiet Riot, Kryptonite and Empire, with tour news from Night Ranger and Tyketto.