#17: Under The Eagle by Simon Scarrow

Matt talks about the Roman historical fiction novel Under The Eagle, the first book of the Eagle series by Simon Scarrow, starring Macro and Cato. You can also watch Tome Talk on YouTube, links below.

#16: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Richard and Matt discuss the non-fiction book Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, as well as his book Sapiens.

9:09 Aristedes De Sousa Mendes
14:05 Google & Medical Epidemics
17:42 Sally Adee & The Helmet of Death 

#15: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance vol 1)

Matt talks about a book that he first read as a kid, Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Weiss and Hickman, the first book of the Dragonlance Chronicles. Watch this on YouTube, check out the links at the bottom. We’ve also started a new series on YouTube, “The Quest Report Final Verdict”, a heavily edited version of The Quest Report in which we give our views on a game in 5 minutes or less! Check out the full description for links. 

#14: Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Richard talks about the scifi novel Gateway by Frederik Pohl, in which mankind finds a fleet of faster than light (FTL) ships with mysterious preprogrammed destinations in their computers, and brave adventurers have to find out where those coordinates lead. 

#13: Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, the classic book that inspired John Carpenter’s The Thing

In this episode of Tome Talk Reading Recommendations, Matt talks about the classic sci-fi horror novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, the award winning novel that inspired John Carpenter’s The Thing, the classic The Thing From Another World, and 2011’s The Thing (a prequel to John Carpenter’s Film). 

#12: Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick

Richard talks about why he enjoyed Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick, a scifi novel from the author of “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” (adapted for the film “Blade Runner”) in which the world is travelling backwards through time in episode 12 of Tome Talk (which is also available to watch on YouTube). 

EPISODE 11: The Shadow Over Innsmouth, a scifi horror novella by HP Lovecraft

Why are the inhabitants of nearby towns so distrustful of the inhabitants of Innsmouth? What causes outsiders to feel a wave of revulsion when encountering its people? Indeed, what is the mysterious shadow over Innsmouth? Matthew and Richard discuss the scifi horror novella by H.P. Lovecraft “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, the only of his stories to be printed as a book in his lifetime, which has inspired and influenced a wide range of games, books, films, and dramatisations.

EPISODE 10: Hyperion by Dan Simmons

Richard talks about why he enjoyed Hyperion by Dan Simmons, a science fiction novel about a group of pilgrims who travel to a distant world to meet a terrifyingly powerful being called the Shrike who will grant 1 of those pilgrims a wish, and slaughter the rest. 

EPISODE 9: Aztec Century by Christopher Evans

How might history have been different if Hernán (or Hernando) Cortés had allied with the Aztecs? Matt and Richard discuss Aztec Century, an alternate history novel by Welsh writer Christopher Evans in which the Aztec Empire is a global superpower, and what that means for occupied Britain. 

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Richard talks about why he enjoyed Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a dystopian book in which all books are burned.