#19: Roll Player, Ascendancy, Guards! Guards!, Magneto VS Palpatine, Fighting Fantasy, special guest Kee Marcello

Guitarist Kee Marcello (Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Easy Action) joins us for a chat. We discuss the games Star Trek Ascendancy and Roll Player, the fantasy crime comedy “Guards! Guards!” by Terry Pratchett, discuss a conflict between Marvel’s Master Of Magnetism, Magneto, versus Darth Sidious, better know as Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire (Star Wars). We also take a look at the music news, including album reviews by Pretty Boy Floyd, chat about the Fighting Fantasy digital storybooks, and get an unexpected visit. The show is also available as a YouTube show, links below. 

Showtimes and Timestamps:
0:17 – Intro
2:00 – Catching Up
3:44 – Perrinterrupted
4:15 – Fighting Fantasy Digital
8:10 – The Quest Report: Roll Player
21:10 – The Quest Report: Star Trek Ascendancy
40:34 – The Bards Corner Music News
46:00 – TMBT: Magneto vs Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine
1:04:00 – Tome Talk: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
1:20:00 – Interview: Kee Marcello (Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Easy Action)
1:51:00 – Meeples Out
1:52:00 – Credits

This is also available as an audio podcast, links further down.
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This episode was hosted by Matt, Heather and Richard, and featured narration by Greyskarn The Black, Salicia The Wise Woman, The Assassin and The Herald, with guest appearances by Kee Marcello and Perrin.

It featured the following songs:
Evil Sword – “Goblin King”
Evil Sword – “Dance All Night”
Astrometrics – “Ram It Up Their Snout”
The Great Cold – “Asteriai”
Scott Holmes – “Happy Whistle”
Eidetic Seeing – “It’s Brick Out”

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