EPISODE 22: A QR SPECIAL – Gamers on Social Media and Charity

In popular culture board gamers are often depicted as shy and introverted. Well, some of are, and some of us don’t know many, if any, other gamers within our immediate social groups. But with the advent of social media, gamers are meeting and connecting online, resulting in some very large but tight knit online communities. And some of them accomplish wonderful things together.

Recently  we caught up with the Admin of the largest UK based Facebook gamer group, Chris Bromley from the Board Game Trading and Chat UK group, to talk about the group, some of the ways they’ve helped charity and other causes, how their latest charity fundraiser is by far the biggest one yet, and how people can get involved and help a fellow gamer in need.

Please take a moment and check out the Just Giving page for Annette Lolley, as we discussed in this special episode. Any help or support, including sharing the word, will be greatly appreciated.


This episode was hosted by Matt and Richard, narrated by Greyskarn The Black, and featured special guest Chris Bromley.

There was music by Astrometrics “Ram It Up Their Snout” and Eidetic Seeing “Its Brick Out”.