How To Store Your Massive Darkness Miniatures

If you picked up Massive Darkness from Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) and you’ve got the various enemy packs and monster sets then you are going to have a large pile of boxes to store. So how to keep it nicely organized so that you can find what you want in a quick and easy way, and not have it take up a huge amount of storage? Check out this video to see how, with a list of contents further down.

Storage used:

1 Wooden Chest from B&M – £14.99 – £19.99
1 Ikea FIXA 260 piece screw and plug set container (insert removed) – £4.75
1 Ikea FIXA 200 piece screw and plug set container (insert removed) – £4
2 x Poundshop Tommy Walsh DIY organisers – £1 each
2 small plastic Chinese takeaway containers – a few pounds (on your waistline)
1 Massive Darkness monster and hero set box

How do you store yours?