How To View Podcast Reviews From A Different Country

Hey Podcast hosts! People sometimes struggle to see reviews for their shows that are posted on iTunes/Apple Podcasts from a different region to their own (UK host with a review from the US for example). Here’s the absolute easiest way to do it.¬†

Put your show’s iTunes link into your web browser. Then find the part of the URL that says /gb/ and replace the gb with US, so that part now looks like /us/.

For example, this UK link:

will look like this:

This will allow someone in the UK to view their reviews from America. You can also change it to /ca/ to see any reviews posted from Canada, /au/ for Australia, /ie/ for Ireland and /ae/ for United Arab Emirates.

This method is quick, easy, and saves messing around with itunes settings.

Just remember, its the 2 digits after
that you need to change, and you can view your reviews in different regions.

Hope that helps.