INTERVIEW: Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy

Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger joins Matt on the phone for a chat about Night Ranger’s 12th studio album “Don’t Let Up”, songwriting, having 2 lead vocalists in a band, his solo material, and some excellent questions submitted by fans, including topics such as Brad Gillis and Ozzy Osbourne, Sister Christian, and Boogie Nights. 

Main Topics:
1:03 – Don’t Let Up
6:17 – Two lead vocalists in a band
10:27 – (You Can Still) Rock In the UK
11:45 – Solo albums
15:12 – Proudest Moments & Biggest Challenges
19:37 – Fan submitted questions
32:14 – Outro & Credits

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This episode was hosted by Matt, and featured narration by Greyskarn The Black. It featured the following songs:
The Great Cold – “Asteriai”
Eidetic Seeing – “It’s Brick Out”

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