The Worst Superheroes To Live With

You might think that living with a superhero would be great, an all round party, but could it be annoying, even deadly? And the smells… Matt and Richard discuss which superheroes would be the worst ones to live with. …

DC’s The Flash vs Sonic The Hedgehog vs Quicksilver

DC’s The Flash claims to be the fastest man alive, but is he faster than everyone’s favourite Hedgehog and Quicksilver? We consider who is faster and who would win a race, pitting 3 versions of each character against each other. …

Enterprise vs Star Destroyer

It’s the age old question; who would win in a battle, the Federation starship Enterprise, or an Imperial Star Destroyer? We did some research, and what we found might surprise you……

What are the best pets in science fiction and fantasy?

One thing many of our heroes (and sometimes our villains) have in common with us is our love of animals. So which pets from the world of science fiction and fantasy are the best? Matt and Richard discuss this, as well as debate what the criteria for a pet and possible pet should be.

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This episode was hosted by Matt and Richard, and featured narration by Greyskarn The Black. It featured the following songs:

Evil Sword “Goblin King” – Eidetic Seeing “It’s Brick Out”


What Is The Best Science Fiction Ship To Live On?

With so many different ships in the world of science fiction, Matt and Richard discuss which would be the best ships to live on and why.

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This video is narrated by Greyskarn The Black, and features the following songs:
Intro: Evil Sword “Goblin King” – Credits: Eidetic Seeing “It’s Brick Out”…

Marvel & DC Dinner Party

In this episode, Matt and Richard discuss a question submitted by a fan; “If you were going to host a party to help characters from the Marvel and DC comic book universes to get along, which entrees would you serve?”

Intro: Evil Sword – “Goblin King” – Credits: Eidetic Seeing – “It’s Brick Out”…

Could Aquaman Control Cthulhu?

Could the DC comics hero Aquaman control H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmarish villain Cthulhu? Matt and Richard discuss the most serious and pressing issue of our time in the first episode of Tiny Meeples, Big Talk.

Intro: Evil Sword “Goblin King” – Credits: Eidetic Seeing “It’s Brick Out…